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Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Spoonie

It is becoming a tradition for me to share my favorite things. I love doing it at the holidays because perhaps someone is looking to buy you a gift or two. I wish I was Ellen or Oprah and had the means to give these gifts out to our supporters who we affectionately call, the Fibro FAMily. These are unpaid promotions. If this list helps even just one person, we are happy. Happy Holidays! Sharon Waldrop, President & Founder

1) Mother Earth Pillow - I can't sleep without this pillow! It is perfect for my TMJ and Fibro. I have used them for years and replace them when it's time for a new pillow.

2) Pachamama CBD - I recently discovered this product and it has been improving my sleep. I have tried the Natural, Kava Kava Valerian, and Goji Cacao. I love them all. The Athletic Rub is great too.

3) Massage - A massage can be the jumpstart to feeling a bit better - and even sometimes a whole lot better. I highly recommend Dustin Palmer Massage in Royal Oak. They are skilled in a variety of modalities so they can find the approach that is right for you. Sarah has helped me through some tough times.

4) Probiotics - I have greatly improved some of my gut issues with probiotics. I have this link going to the one I use from Garden of Life. The website is Vitacost and I have found some great deals shopping on Vitacost.

5) Audible by Amazon - Sometimes I find reading difficult with fibromyalgia. I have really been enjoying listening to books. It is also a great way to pass the time when you are exercising.

6) Craniocradle - I have not used this particular one. But in the past, similar products like this one have been most helpful. Ginevra Liptan, MD, uses this one and highly recommends it.

7) Warm fuzzy socks for those days and nights its hard to get warm. I linked to a sample, but so many brands are great and they are in all the stores now!

8) Gym membership or Yoga membership - I can't manage my fibromyalgia without exercise. I love Planet Fitness. It is only $10 a month and for an extra $10 a month, you can utilize unlimited Black Card perks like Hydro Chair massages. Gentle yoga classes are also a must for me.

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