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What People Say About Us

I remember my first meeting — I was nervous, why? I have no idea. When the meeting started Sharon said "excuse me, tonight I have Fibro Fog". As I thought "that's real"? I was saying it out loud. Everyone was either shaking their head yes or saying yes out loud. Right then and there I knew I was at the right place — no longer alone or thinking I was crazy. Everyone was so kind and offered so much information.

Beverly R.

The Fibromyalgia Association of Michigan has been a real journey into fibromyalgia for me. From that first meeting when it seemed like there were a hundred people there eager to find out more about fibromyalgia to the present (20 years later), I have learned something new from each meeting. I was diagnosed a month or so before the first FAM meeting and I have been there ever since. It's been a journey in which I have also met some very wonderful people who have added such dimension to my fibromyalgia journey. It's nice to know I have so many shoulders to lean on. Thank you all for your support.

Ann F.

I simply cannot thank Sharon Waldrop enough for making such a difference in my life and so many lives.  She tirelessly works for those of us who may not have the ability to do so ourselves.  She is a true blessing to so many of us.  And thanks to everyone who also help and contribute to the group - what a great group of people to know!  Together we can get through this life that we've been given a little easier than on our own.

Michele M.

The Fibromyalgia Association of Michigan really is special. The help given, the information shared, the camaraderie and understanding among members, and the hard work behind the scenes to coordinate this for all of us is beyond what we could ever repay.

Chellyn L.

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