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Manage Fibromalgia

Supporting you in managing fibromyalgia is our goal. Sadly there is no one quick and easy way to manage fibromyalgia. It requires trial and error, patience, and a healthy dose of self-compassion. There are so many products and services out there claiming to help fibromyalgia or better yet cure fibromyalgia. If you see something that promises to cure fibromyalgia, know that is a red flag. If there was a cure, no one would have fibromyalgia as we would all have used the cure. It is possible for people to have very mild symptoms once they have found an effective treatment strategy that they adhere to daily. If you are new to the journey, you may be asking yourself why is there trial and error involved? It is because what works well for one person, may actually make someone else worse. This goes for medications, therapies, supplements, diets, etc. Most fibromyalgia specialists will recommend a start slow and go low approach for everything - medicines, physiocal therapy, therapeutic movement (exercise), etc.


It can be overwhelming figuring out where to begin. Building a healthcare team that will support you on your journey is critical. Your team does not even need to include fibromyalgia specialists, as they are hard to find, or are not accepting new patients. If you find a healthcare professional who wants to partner with you, is willing to look at resources and have discussions with you, and cares, this is a terrific person to add to your team. You are the captain of your healthcare team as no one has more to gain or lose than you do. Also, you are the expert on your body, and how you feel. Your voice is critical to developing management strategies that work for you.

This page will list resources to aid you in developing a management strategy that works best for you. We will be updating this page so check back.

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